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Miyagi has old origin in meaning of "the Imperial Court in distant place of great king" of the Yamato government of the eighth century. In Miyagi, Sendai plains greatly spread out, and, in Tohoku, there are few mountains, and climate is calm, too. In addition, Tohoku Shinkansen, the convenience to transportation of the land sky sea route including Tohoku Expressway are maintained and are base of northeastern traffic.

Prefectural capital Sendai City is modern city Tohoku's best in town which there is a lot of greenery, and is beautiful and does administration, economy, culture of whole Tohoku, the center of traffic, and Aoba-dori St. in orderly cityscape, zelkova row of trees of Jozenji Street are beautiful. In the city, there is Sendai Museum where a lot of historic spot and temples related to the Dates put burial ground, Zuihoden Mausoleum of Masamune Date and inheritance of the Dates in around the ruins of Sendai-jo Castle including the ruins of Sendai-jo Castle along the Hirose River.

There are one, Matsushima of Three most scenic spots of Japan in north shoreline from port town Shiogama. More than 260 islands float in Matsushima Bay that wave is calm, and Godaido, many historic spots including viewing bower remain in the neighborhood of Matsuhimakaigan of pleasure boat anchorage including National Treasure Zuiganji Temple.

Furthermore, the complicated shore scenery and islands that there are many changes from Ishinomaki to Minamisanriku, Kinkasan Island among the blue seas are beautiful if we go north on shoreline.

In addition, in the western foot of a mountain whole area of Sendai, there is hot spring resort of Good hot spring unexplored hot springs of Togatta, greens, Ohara, sickle ahead from Sendai in hot water, The Naruko Onsen Kyo Hot Spring Village having spring quality that northern, is rich at the Sakunami beginning, the foot of southern Zao in the nearest autumn.

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