Miyagi whole sight-seeing

Charm of Miyagi is crowded! General sightseeing information site of Miyagi

The south area of the prefecture

It is snow monsters only in the Tohoku district green and Abukuma River of cool forest, wonderful colored leaves dyeing Mount Zao in autumn in winter in spring in the world of silver of Zao in cherry blossoms scenery, summer of wonderful one side.
Area, that to be able to enjoy various trips are the south areas of Miyagi of the prefecture seasonally.

The Zao outskirts

Famous Mount Zao is magnificent mountain extending over Miyagi and neighboring Yamagata nationwide.
We can fully enjoy "crater" and autumn colored leaves, charm of the four seasons including winter snow monsters to be seen in the early spring.

Shibata, Okawara, Murata

It is area where the best famous spot for its cherry blossoms in prefecture and cityscape of storehouse remain. The cherry blossoms at Shiraishi River Embankment "Hitome Senbonzakura". is scenery of valuable magnificent cherry blossoms of seeing from Ruins of Funaoka Castle Park.

Shiroishi, Shichikasyuku

It is castle town which prospered based on Shiroishi Castle as south point of Sendai. We can still feel flavor like Japan with cityscape which old feature remains.

Kakuda, circle forest

We can sense museum leaving mansion of merchant who prospered from last part of Edo era in now, history and nature including ship descent of Abukuma River bodily and are seen by step of space.