Miyagi whole sight-seeing

Charm of Miyagi is crowded! General sightseeing information site of Miyagi

The north area of the prefecture

Hometown of heart that rich nature and climate surround the north area of the prefecture.
Hot spring resort where Naruko Hot Spring which eight kinds of hot spring source begins to breed in is one of the best in the prefecture.
Rich climate which calms heart, and rests body heals you.

Osaki, yakurai

Production center of rice that beautiful rural scenery spreads. There are very large flower gardens in Kami Fuji and kougen of medicine greens mountain which is beautiful so as to be called.


Area having Mt.Kurikoma known as northeastern beautiful mountain proud of. Trekking spot that can enjoy magnificent natural scenery and Alpine plants, and is popular for tourist of mountain climbing enthusiast.

Naruko, Iwadeyama

The Naruko Onsen Kyo Hot Spring Village which has eight kinds among hot spring source that there are ten kinds. Magnificent natural scenery to show is attractive seasonally. Particularly, Narukokyo of colored leaves is fantastic.


Retro cityscape forms a line led by "Miyagi Meiji-Mura" which can look at building peculiar to Japan.

The Lake Izu outskirts

It becomes Ramsar Convention registration damp ground, and, also, lotus is in full glory in the summer all over the surface of a lake. We are known as the coming flying ground of migratory bird globally.