Miyagi whole sight-seeing

Charm of Miyagi is crowded! General sightseeing information site of Miyagi

Sendai, Matsushima area

Sightseeing spot Matsushima eminent Japan counted among metropolis Sendai and the three most beautiful views in Japan of Miyagi.
We can enjoy hot spring, the sea, mountain within the range of 30 minutes even if we go down Sendai Station.
As well as urbane cityscape, it is area that can enjoy beautiful natural scenery and harmony of history culture.

Around Sendai Station

Doorway, Sendai Station of Miyagi. Facility which can enjoy shopping of station building and arcade streets is fulfilling.
It is cityscape which is full of green named "Mori no miyako" while being economic city that developed.

The vicinity of Sendai subway

There are two subways of "Tozai Line" running on cross in Sendai "Namboku Line".
There are many attractive facilities along each.


One, Matsushima of the three most beautiful views in Japan. We can sense beauty of natural scenery which more than 260 islands show and history inheritance of the Sendai feudal lord Dates bodily. It is sightseeing area representing Miyagi.

Akiu, Sakunami

Akiu Onsen, Sakunami Onsen called back room of Sendai. It is excellent hot water with the history. Good access that we can go for by car from Sendai in approximately 30 minutes is attractive.

The Sendai south coast

We can thoroughly enjoy seasonal blessing including a certain vigor morning market and seafood. It is famous as excellent production center of strawberry.