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Party exhibition' 20.2.1 Saturday ~3.3 Tuesday of baby of yachiro Kokeshi village

The last update date: 2019/10/23

The municipalities
The south area - Shiroishi Town of the prefecture
Festival, event

 "Party exhibition that takes root in a lot of bare wood binao display - area which artisan of ... whole country produced as event to tell spring of young bird"
 Head is big, and display sells a lot of hina dolls made with lovely Kokeshi including "kokeshibina" and "komabina" which were something with traditional yachiro Kokeshi about double triple potter's wheel design with color that is rich in top of the head on the spot. It is popular as bare wood toy with warmth.

◆Period/from Saturday, February 1, 2020 to Tuesday, March 3
◆Place/yachiro Kokeshi Muramoto building
◆Admission charges/free of charge
◆There is parking lot/free of charge parking lot 
◆Rest village day/every Wednesday (in the case of holiday weekdays, the following day)
     New Year holidays until from December 29 to January 3
     ※It is without holiday during period.
◆Is car than traffic/JR Tohoku Shinkansen, Shiroishi-Zao Station; about 20 minutes. Or is car than Tohoku Expressway, Shiroishi IC; about 15 minutes.

The event date
hakuishishifukuokahachikyujiyachirokita 72-1
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Shiroishi Town homepage
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yachiro Kokeshi village
TEL: 0224-26-3993
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