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The 20th umeegasuto pan Festival in Kami' 20.2.11 Tuesday (holiday)

The last update date: 2020/02/03

The municipalities
The north area - Kami Town of the prefecture
Festival, event

 Hot pot is delicious at cold time of February. Farm products and mountain products have abundant Kami Town, and there is many local cuisine, too. It is event that can enjoy winter of such a Kami Town with "pan". We can thoroughly enjoy more than twenty kinds of "warm pans" using local product.
Kami Town which liquor that water is well delicious is prepared into again. There is "sake brewery visit by cooperation of 3 sake breweries in the town block, too".
※Please refer to the following [inquiry (1) Kami business and industry society 0229-63-2734] for "sake brewery visit".

◆Date/February 11, 2020 Tuesday (holiday)
◆Time/10:00-13:30 beginning to sell 11:00 ... (in the case of planned ※ change, there is)
◆Place/Nakashinden, Kami-machi district flower comfort alley (it is hot and grows on) event open space others
◆Is car than traffic/Tohoku Expressway, Furukawa IC or Yamato IC; 20 minutes.
 Nakashinden gets off for about 30 minutes in going than JR Tohoku Shinkansen, Furukawa Station in front of miyakobasu, Shikama office.
It becomes <tsujoitoki*ryusho "Nishimachi", but does not stop as only on the day festival is held. (we do not go)>

The event date
Nishimachi, Kami-machi, Kami-gun district
URL(1) concerned
Kami business and industry society homepage
URL(2) concerned
Kami Town homepage
Inquiry (1)
The 20th umeegasuto pan Festival in Kami executive committee secretariat (Kami business and industry society)
TEL: 0229-63-2734
  • Formal informant
  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation