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Mikoshi' 20.2.3 Monday as nude to cause spring

The last update date: 2019/11/22

The municipalities
The north area - Kurihara City of the prefecture
Festival, event

Annual festival to pray for my wife security and perfect state of health, rich harvest (fertility) every year at night of Setsubun.
After participants praying for the safety of festival, and having received payment from Shinto priesthood, departure carries mikoshi which we loaded liquor daruo onto on its shoulder by signal of fireworks and parades around mall.
People of roadside surround parched beans "out with the demon, in with fortune", at mikoshi bucket is festival that to hang, and bearers dressed in tabi say that "wasshoiwasshoi" and energy are good to expose and reach hometown to hose, and to cut down on evil, and to deny coldness of pain and water of beans.

◆Date/Monday, February 3, 2020 <the every year same day>
◆Time/19:00 ...
◆Place/Ichihasamamasaka district mall
①Getting off at corner too unpleasant to accept than the Sendai Station west exit by bus for ichihasama for one hour ten minutes.
②From JR Tohoku Shinkansen, Kurikoma-Kogen Station is getting off at Masaka pardon corner in Tsukidate 15 minutes, Tsukidate getting off by bus for Tsukidate in Hanayama line for transfer 15 minutes.
③Is car than Tohoku Expressway, Tsukidate IC; 20 minutes.
※About bus, round-trip thing passing together at around 19:00 when festival begins becomes the last bus of the day.

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