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Nude kasedori' 20.2.8 Saturday of cut (drill)

The last update date: 2019/11/11

The municipalities
The north area - Kami Town of the prefecture
Festival, event

... to pray for ... fire prevention and exorcism
 Local young people and men equal to unlucky year put on straw hat (waraboshi) for nude and bring Shinto straw festoon to waist and gather in "accommodation" and pray God for payment in fire prevention and unlucky year.
We sprinkle water of pail from head all at once before going around the district. When event is over for this water, each thrust sumi "hesobi" (soot of pot bottom) of kiln (furnace) in hand in hand and is strange festival of fire prevention exorcism to go up to each house, and to touch "hesobi" in face of the family, and to turn around.
 Is appointed in intangible folk cultural properties of the prefecture.

◆Date/Saturday, February 8, 2020
◆Time/19:00 ...
◆Place/Kami Town cut district
◆Is car than traffic/Tohoku Expressway, Yamato IC or Furukawa IC; 50 minutes.

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TEL: 0229-69-5113
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