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Dumping water over the head' 20.2.9 Sunday of Yonekawa

The last update date: 2019/12/25

The municipalities
The north area - Tome City of the prefecture
Festival, event

Strange festival ... to pray for exorcism when we remove ... fire disaster
 Event of fire prevention that "dumping water over the head of Yonekawa" that is appointed in important intangible folk cultural properties of country comes to Touwachoyonekawa, Tome-shi for a long time.
While men of residence of day of Hatsuuma in the morning in the town block wear "head" and straw attire and Shinto straw festoon called "circle" and paint face with soot (soot) of furnace, and they hang water for nude towards roof of district, we run through downtown to the north from the south. When party happens to pass, people in the town block fight and give straw of attire to drawing, roof of home and do to lucky charm of fire prevention.
Because there is legend that fire happens when person except district participates, we cannot participate, but visit is possible.

◆Date/Saturday, February 9, 2020 <day of every year February Hatsuuma>
◆Time/9:30 ... ※Main force start 10:30 ...
◆Place/Touwachoyonekawa, Tome-shi Itsukamachi district
◆Is car than traffic/Sanriku Expressway, Towa, Tome IC; about 15 minutes.

The event date
Touwachoyonekawa, Tome-shi character town lower 56
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Tome City homepage
Inquiry (1)
Tome City government office Towa synthesis branch
TEL: 0220-53-4111

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