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Snow monsters circulation tour' 19.12.14 Saturday -' 20.3.15 Sunday

The last update date: 2019/09/17

The municipalities
The south area - Zao Town of the prefecture
Festival, event/nature bodily sensation

Symbol "snow monsters" of the molding beauty of nature which hard winter of Mount Zao creates and Zao. Figure which reflects in solar light, and glitters is the most first class work of art. It is characteristic that there are others of Zao only in limited areas such as Hakkoda Mountains. With accidental product which Abies mariesii growing wild, strong fall wind blow, and some conditions occur at the same time, and is born, such rarity is valuable, too. Spot where "Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park" can fully enjoy snow monsters of Miyagi Zao.
"Snow monsters circulation tour" appreciates magnificent snow monsters Hara while boarding the latest snowmobile "Wilde monster issue". The body which carried special order cabin equipped with heating is exactly stubborn and it is dynamic and goes up to the neighborhood of summit of Mt. Katsuta. In addition, we can usually choose vehicle and GranClass vehicle.

◆Period/from Saturday, December 14, 2019 to Sunday, March 15, 2020 
◆- 13:00 return that departs/11:00 at time
     - 15:30 return that departs 13:30
     ※Time required about two hours
◆Place/Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park
◆Please see rate/homepage.        
◆Capacity/about 90

※It requires reservation until the starting day before. In addition, on the day local reservation is possible if there are any vacant seats.
※Telephone reservation from Friday, November 1, 2019 is possible
※We include rental of cold protection, boots in tour time in rate.
※When seat is not necessary for 2 years or younger, we are free of charge

◇In the case of change and cancellation, it is weather there

◆From traffic/JR Tohoku Shinkansen, Shiroishi-Zao Station or JR Tohoku Main Line, Shiroishi Station,
     It is about 40 minutes by finish getting off, pick-up bus for about 50 minutes for kyukosennan bus Togatta Onsen.
     Is car than Tohoku Expressway, Murata IC, Shiroishi IC or Yamagata Expressway, Kawasaki, Miyagi IC; about 60 minutes.
◆There is parking lot/free of charge parking lot (about 100 normal cars). 

◇We operate pick-up bus for a limited time◇
Pick-up bus "snow monsters issue" departing from and arriving at Sendai Station
Which "skiing area lift ticket is with" ... "snow monsters appreciation tour" "u22 & o60 limitation! Service ... which has days in four packs of GOGO pack "snowy mountains girl pack"
Service period/from Saturday, December 14, 2019 to Sunday, March 15, 2020 

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Mt. Toogattaonsen, Zao-machi, Katsuta-gun, Miyagi character Kuraishi
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Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park homepage
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Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park (dial for exclusive use of reservation)
TEL: 0224-85-3055 (reception desk 9:00-16:00)
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