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It is ~3.3 Tuesday on "trip of 4 station Tsurushi bina circulation in Osaki City" to connect station, human station, Roadside Station of railroad line' 20.2.21 Friday

The last update date: 2020/01/14

The municipalities
The north area - Osaki City of the prefecture
Festival, event

"A・ra・date road station" which always does well in farm products direct sale place "eki*shitsu of town" which repaired JR Furukawa Station, liquor brewing of the Edo era will guide small trip around Tsurushi bina telling spring to Michinoku Osaki going around 4 Station of "road station sanbongiyamanami".
 What technique to make takes a lot in features, and simple, lovely Tsurushi bina heals mind of people, and square cloth which "Tsurushi bina exhibition" that ready-made decoration circle "kikkomazagi classroom" in the city hosts unties kimono which we did not wear and made gives ease.

◇Sponsorship: Ready-made decoration circle "kikkomazagi classroom" (representative: Hiromi Sasaki)
◇Period: From Friday, February 21, 2020 to Tuesday, March 3
(1) eki*shitsujikooku hall (the second floor of storehouse 8) of main venue-cho
(2) Subvenue JR Furukawa Station concourse
         A・ra・date road station spiral hall
         The road station sanbongiyamanami brown coal Memorial
◇Unusual display:
(1) Display of Tsurushi bina which high school student produced JR Furukawa Station, and cooperated.
(2) It is the main venue of Tsurushi bina display, and the twelfth is labelled as "the Doll's Festival of Osaki storehouse", and eki*shitsu of town conveys pleasure of the making of Tsurushi bina under the theme of "creation of Tsurushi bina from Osaki".
(3) Display of a・ra・date road station is displayed mainly on 2,011 Tsurushi binas which we produced while praying for revival with victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
(4) Road station sanbongiyamanami is displayed mainly on traditional ready-made decoration.

(1) Product for JR users
   ・JR Furukawa Station ⇒ 20-minute walk, 1.5km, eki*shitsu of 4,000 steps ⇒-cho
   ・JR Furukawa Station ⇒ Rikuu East Line 28 minutes, 23km ⇒ JR Ikezuki Station 
          ⇒3-minute walk, 200m ⇒ a・ra・date road station
(2) Product for car users
   ・Is car than eki*shitsu ⇒ Tohoku Expressway, Furukawa IC of town; about five minutes
   ・Is car than a・ra・date road station ⇒ Tohoku Expressway, Furukawa IC; about 25 minutes
   ・Is car than road station sanbongiyamanami ⇒ Tohoku Expressway, Yamato IC; 20 minutes or from Sanbongi SIC is five minutes by car.

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kikkomazagi classroom secretariat Sasaki
TEL: 090-8920-5108
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Osaki City industrial Economic Department industrial business and industry section
TEL: 0229-23-7091 
Email: shoko@city.osaki.miyagi.jp
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation