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"Meeting to see star"' 21.2.20 Saturday

The last update date: 2020/03/06

The municipalities
The north area - Osaki City of the prefecture
Festival, event

It is fair to observe seasonal constellation and month, planet, nebula star cluster, the heavenly bodies which it is easy to look at including double star at palette the last roof astronomical observatory once a month. Using 30cm reflecting telescope or 8cm refractor, let's enjoy light "of star of" life. As participation for free does not need prior application, on the day come directly. In addition, we perform planetarium special projection by astronomy volunteer with planetarium building. In addition, everybody who is younger than junior high student would like participation by protector companion.

For February holding
◆Date/Saturday, February 20, 2021
◆Observation contents/month, Procyon, gomeiza
◆Time/19:30-20:45 ※We stop the roof astronomical observatory at the time of bad weather and are finished early.
◆Reception desk/19:00-20:00
◆Venue/Osaki lifelong learning center (we tear palette)
◆Rate/free of charge
◆At the time of remarks/bad weather, it becomes only planetarium special projection by astronomy volunteer. Please perform cold protection measures well respectively.

The event date
3-4-20, Furukawahonami, Osaki-shi
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Spare palette; homepage
Inquiry (1)
Osaki lifelong learning center (we tear palette)
TEL: 0229-91-8611
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation