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It is six years from the town walk professional reciter - Great East Japan Earthquake. "Now" of Minamisanriku to feel on foot

The last update date: 2020/01/25

The municipalities
Sanriku area area - MinamiSanriku Town
Festival, event/nature bodily sensation/history, culture/experience-based sightseeing

Town walk professional reciter (we hand down the Great East Japan Earthquake)

We see town from hill (scenery of MinamiSanriku Town going to change little by little)

Archive facility (we hand down the Great East Japan Earthquake)

Minamisanriku that revival construction goes ahead through at a fast pace.
Can you not wave scenery of town which continues changing every day in spite of being slowly walk with guide in "now" of Minamisanriku? We can feel feature of trace of earthquake disaster damage and town which surely existed here for different scenery again that we see from car.
There is encounter with sense of the seasons and person whom we can discover only on foot.

※Reservation until the day before of desired day is required.
※It is programed product for individuals.
※That get into customer and this car; cannot guide.
※Local people become guide and guide.

Flow of program
①It is paid junction rate to wait place every course with meeting guide
②Town walk start: 50 minutes
③We come back to wait place and are finished
※It becomes contents of about one hour in the whole program.
※Course has 6 course.

One minimum passenger count 
In the case of one person: 7,000 yen (tax-included)
In the case of two people: Of 3500 yen per person (tax-included)
In the case of three people: Of 2500 yen per person (tax-included)
In the case of four people: Of 2500 yen per person (tax-included)
In the case of five people: Of 2000 yen per person (tax-included)

※It is time that we can provide during from 10:00 to 17:00.
 In time in the morning, we cannot accept by night.
※We suit convenience of customer at start time.
※We can take out accident insurance separately. (of 207 yen per person voluntarily)
※In the case of making a reservation, the credit card settlement is possible from tourist association formula reservation site "minatabi", too.

※Come in clothes comfortable to walk in on that day. It is limit rain or shine without special mention.

The event date
Shitsukawa, Minamisanriku-cho, Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi character dear lower 51-1
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Town walk professional reciter application page
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MinamiSanriku Town Tourism Association homepage
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MinamiSanriku Town Tourism Association formula reservation site minatabi
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MinamiSanriku Town Tourism Association
TEL: 0226-47-2550
Email: post@m-kankou.jp
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  • Informant: MinamiSanriku Town Tourism Association