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It is '19.12.21 from Saturday to '20 to world exhibition somewhere that is not where in "country, ishinomaki of ten thousand images" Ishinomori Manga Museum 76th special plan exhibition Shaun Tan. 2.11 Tuesday (holiday)

The last update date: 2020/01/09

The municipalities
Sanriku area area - Ishinomaki City
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Shaun Tan announced graphic Novell "arrival" that featured the theme of emigrants in 2006 after production period for about five years. This story that we assembled image closely without using text and made and gave surprised people of the world immediately across border. This exhibition is large-scale private exhibition held with full-scale cooperation of tongue. We display about 130 points of works including sketching, picture work, solid work which modelled strange creature and, other than the original picture and studies from picture book "lost thing" that he dealt with picture and sentence first to the most new item, fully introduce the world that it is strange and misses that he makes.

Exhibition period: From Saturday, December 21, 2019 to February 11, 2020 Tuesday (holiday)
Time: 9:00-17:00 ※We close at 15:00 only on Tuesday, December 31 ※Entrance until 30 minutes before closing time
Venue: Ishinomori Manga Museum the second floor plan exhibition room
Closed days: Tuesday, January 14, Tuesday, January 21, Tuesday, January 28, Tuesday, February 4
Viewing charges: 840 yen for adults/junior and senior high school students 520 yen/primary schoolchild 210 yen/non-school children for free (we include permanent exhibition viewing charges)

◆Event information◆

◆ World exhibition interlocking movement stamp rally of Shaun Tan

We hold stamp rally making a round trip of Ishinomori Manga Museum and the Ishinomaki city. Let's collect five stamps of creature coming up in picture book of Shaun Tan. We present exhibition-limited "original seal" (article not for sale) to person whom we all gathered.

※Present becomes the end as soon as it disappears.
※As stamp setting facility is closed during period of 12/30 Monday ~1/3 Friday, stamp rally should stop.

Rally sheet distribution place = the second floor of the Ishinomori Manga Museum reception desk (we distribute one piece because of one piece of ※ admission ticket)

◆ The short story animation movie "lost thing" special screening

Place = Ishinomori Manga Museum 1.5 floor picture hall
Time =① 9:40 -② 11:10 -③ 13:10 -④ 15:10 -⑤ 16:10 ... (about 15 minutes)

※Entrance needs admission ticket or annual passport on the day of the Ishinomori Manga Museum.

◆ Collaboration menu

We cannot serve collaboration menu toward the order and present "original coaster" (article not for sale)!

Place = prospects cafe "BLUE ZONE" (Ishinomori Manga Museum the third floor) 
Business hours = 10:00-16:30 (L.O.16: 15)

The event date
2-7, Nakaze, Ishinomaki-shi
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Ishinomori Manga Museum
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Shaun Tan exhibition official site
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Ishinomori Manga Museum
TEL: 0225-96-5055
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