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With flower and Kokeshi and daily life. Natsui Hitomi Kokeshi photo exhibition' 20.1.19 Sunday ~3.28 Saturday

The last update date: 2020/01/15

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The south area - Zao Town of the prefecture
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In Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum in Toogattaonsen, Zao-machi,
Special plan exhibition with "flower and Kokeshi and daily life. We will hold Natsui Hitomi Kokeshi photo exhibition.

Natsui eyes were born in Sendai City for 1,977 years,
It is Kokeshi collector and is photographer.
Photograph which Natsui photographed in original viewpoint this time,
In expression technique of deserted feeling of Showa, we are unexpected,
But kusu tto is funny and will hold photograph display that sympathy is provided.
Photograph concerning Kokeshi after starting collection displays main triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In addition, as well as Kokeshi , we are thinking about display of her hobby fully opening!

It is held and holds Iriya YES studio "manufacturing exhibition" of Minamisanriku at the same time!
From YES studio performing manufacturing using cedar of Minamisanriku,
As for goods and the eyebrows work, the wooden goods (mokuseihin) of okutopaskun,
We display work with warmth.
Please drop in.

■ Period/from Sunday, January 19, 2020 to Saturday, March 28
■ Place/Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum 
■ Admission 16:30 last at time for/from 9:00 to 17:00

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Chinatown Area, Toogattaonsen, Zao-machi, Katsuta-gun, Miyagi west mountain behind 36-135
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Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum
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Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum
TEL: 0224-34-2385
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