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Under winter Miyagi Zao stamp rally conduct!

The last update date: 2019/12/20

The municipalities
South area - Zao-machi, Shiroishi-shi Kawasakicho, Shichikasyuku-machi of the prefecture
Festival, event

 When we gather three places of stamps from target skiing area and ten tourist facilities of Miyagi Zao area and apply, stamp rally which hot spring accommodation coupon and special product of Miyagi Zao hit by lot is open. Furthermore, there is in double chance when skiing area pair lift ticket is by early application by lot!
 When you enjoy winter sports in skiing area and extend means of transportation to neighboring tourist facilities, you gather stamps while enjoying winter Miyagi Zao, and please apply by all means!

■Implementation period
2019.12.20 Friday - 2020.3.1 Sunday
■The application deadline
2020.3.4 Wednesday
■Stamp rally checkpoint facility or application method
◇For more details, please see the following URL

The event date
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"Miyagi sightseeing NAVI"
Inquiry (1)
Zao, Miyagi tourism development promotion meeting [the Miyagi sightseeing section]
TEL: 022-211-2823
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation