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The 24th Aone Onsen snow light' 20.2.9 Sunday

The last update date: 2019/12/23

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The south area - Kawasaki Town of the prefecture
Festival, event

Aone Onsen held in bosom of a mountain of Miyagi Zao is known even to each generation feudal lord having gone frequently as spa of house for show. Festival that is romanteikku only in snowbound mountain quiet hot spring is "Aone Onsen snow light" in winter.
We establish special event space (around Aone children's park) and turn on candle in structure with small shrine that local people and children are snowy, and there is many.
When we enjoy fantastic winter night when light of candle and pure white snow weave in couple and families.
After having been heartwarming by light of faint candle, it is recommended we warm body in public bath nearby, and to return.
We are going to perform hot pork miso soup other behavior. (each 600 first arrival)

◆Date/Sunday, February 9, 2020
◆Time/around 15:00-20:30 (candle burn by condition) (lighting-type 16:30 ...)
◆Place/"Aone Onsen snow light" special event space (around Aone children's park)
◆From traffic/JR Tohoku Shinkansen, Shiroishi-Zao Station, JR Tohoku Main Line, Shiroishi Station is ten minutes by Miyagi Kotsu bus, Togatta Onsen finish getting off, car. Or it is 20 minutes by car from Yamagata Expressway, Kawasaki, Miyagi IC.
◆Parking lot/free of charge (80 normal cars)

The event date
9-1, Aoneonsen, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun
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Kawasaki play
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Meeting of Aone Onsen inhabitant of a ward
TEL: 0224-87-2188
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Kawasaki Town Tourism Association
TEL: 0224-84-6681
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Kawasaki Town area promotion section
TEL: 0224-84-2111 (inner 1225)
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation