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Kamakura Festival' 20.1.24 Friday ~2.11 Tuesday (holiday)

The last update date: 2020/01/17

The municipalities
The south area - Kawasaki Town of the prefecture
Festival, event/experience-based sightseeing

We will hold "Kamakura Festival 2020" during period of Tuesday (holiday) for from Friday, January 24 to February 11.
We produce Yokote-shi, Akita and Kamakura of about 3.6m in height of the class and display, and we enter Kamakura, and it is, and snow n child can enjoy taking a ceremonial photograph.
In addition, you slip on sled and tube on snowy slide and play and can enjoy experience only by winter.
Furthermore, we display "ice tulip" from mid-January through mid-February in "hall of Aya" (color).
Please enjoy flower blooming earlier in spring.
In addition, we hold "behavior of zoni" "behavior of oshiruko" "Chinese cabbage crop experience in the snow" in the north district.
We hold quite popular "miso structure experience (application before important business) during cold" every time in village forest district.
※We reduce scale and produce and may display about "Kamakura" and "snowy slide" this year as there is little snow.
 In addition, it may become change, cancellation about held time and event contents of Kamakura Festival.

◆Date/from Friday, January 24, 2020 to February 11 Tuesday (holiday)
◆Place/Michinoku Park
◆It is about five minutes by car from traffic/Yamagata Expressway, Kawasaki, Miyagi IC. Or "Michinoku park" stop gets off by the western part of Akiu, Kawasaki Sendai liner from the Sendai station square bus platform 63rd for about 60 minutes.
◆There is parking charges/toll parking lot (about 1,400).
◆Free of charge younger than admission charges/450 yen for adults, junior high student

The event date
Ono, Kawasaki-machi character Nihonmatsu 53-9
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Michinoku park homepage
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Michinoku park control center
TEL: 0224-84-5991
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