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Abukuma line ship descent "kotatsu ship"' 19.12.1 Sunday ~'20.3.31 Tuesday

The last update date: 2019/11/14

The municipalities
The south area - Marumori Town of the prefecture
Festival, event/nature bodily sensation

 It is "Abukuma line ship descent" that what Marumori Town prospers in water transportation of Abukuma River for a long time, and reports the reluctance of leaving goes down Abukuma River on pleasure boat relaxedly. This whole area becomes prefectural nature park, and gorge can thoroughly enjoy scenery that a lot of highlight such as natural beauty spot, strangely shaped rocks turns color into every season.
 During period, "kotatsu ship" with kotatsu goes into service in winter.
We can fully enjoy winter scenery while resigning itself to flow of unhurried river with it is tour course of about 8km to turn down valley about 4km of Abukuma River with many natural beauty spot, strangely shaped rocks after having been arrested, and to go down. In addition, by advance reservations "do do pan" only in circle forest area taste chowder, and can enjoy winter atmosphere, too.
 What I should do while going sight-seeing in Abukuma River of snow scene when we sell eating a food with great relish to delicious dishes.

◆Date/from Sunday, December 1, 2019 to Tuesday, March 31, 2020
     ※There are New Year holidays
     Reception hours 8:30 ...
◆Time required/60 minutes
◆Service time/① 10:00 -,② 11:30 -,③ 13:00 -,④ 14:30 ...
      It is four flights a day.
◆Place/Marumori Town Kankokoryu Center departure and arrival
◆Roundtrip to course/... white coat Kannon departing from and arriving at Kankokoryu Center
◆Rate/inquiry required
◆Is about 20 minutes on foot from traffic/Abukuma Kyuko Line line, Marumori Station, is about five minutes by car. Or is car than Tohoku Expressway, Shiroishi IC; about 40 minutes.

The event date
12, Shimotaki, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun
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Marumori Town tourist information center homepage
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Abukuma line ship descent
TEL: 0224-72-2350
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation