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toyoma kiteflying meet' 20.2.2 Sunday

The last update date: 2019/11/12

The municipalities
The north area - Tome City of the prefecture
Festival, event

★Kiteflying to deepen parent and child and contact between areas

★Kite goes up in magnificent Kitakami River and the blue sky

... which deepens improvement of creativity and parent and child and contact between areas through ... handicraft kite
 Many handmade kites soar up into venue high in the sky in the neighborhood of Ohashi, Tome of magnificent Kitakami River, and we develop contest, and of course participation of town outside is welcome, too.

◆Date/Sunday, February 2, 2020 <day every year first in February> ※Rainy weather cancellation
◆13:00 ... held at time at/reception desk 12:30
◆Place/Kitakami River right bank dike (Machiura out of Mikkamachi, Toyomamachiteraike, Tome-shi back ...)
◆It is about 5 minutes on foot from "Mikkamachi" getting off by bus for Tome from traffic/JR Kesennuma Line, Yanaizu Station about ten minutes.
     Is car than Sanriku Expressway, Tome IC; five minutes.

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Tome City homepage
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Tome City Tome public hall
TEL: 0220-52-2316
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Tome City industrial Economic Department commerce sightseeing section
TEL: 0220-34-2734
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