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Doll's Festival' 20.2.23 Sunday ~3.3 Tuesday of the 21st kurikoma merchant's family

The last update date: 2019/12/03

The municipalities
The north area - Kurihara City of the prefecture
Festival, event

... Muikamachi Street special event space ...

... kurikomanotsurushi decoration (seiaireisen) ...

It is display ... with doll from last part of ... Edo era all at once
We hold "the Doll's Festival of kurikoma merchant's family" to cause spring in main in special event space in Muikamachi, Kurikomaiwagasaki, Kurihara-shi mall.
 State that Meiji, the Taisho era, Showa and social conditions in each time reach through doll from hina doll which is in the latter half of the Edo era is impressive. Hina doll and one's own ready-made decoration handed down to merchant's family are displayed from generation to generation and Nara in business hours of shop is free to do and, in participation participation shop, can see.
 In hope of revival from 2 degrees disaster of Iwate, Miyagi inland earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, display sells "ready-made decoration of dyeing with vegetable dyes" which homemade "ready-made decoration" which we cooperate with local people and made and "seiaireisen" (shoaihiyazome) in Japan ancient times dyed with plant inhabiting hometown on the spot.
 We visit mall surrounded in good old atmosphere of the good old days of Showa, and please see ready-made decoration to build up from hina doll and material loved more than generation by all means.
※To the Doll's Festival executive committee of inquiry (1) kurikoma merchant's family following as for detailed contents and inquiry.

☆With "original indigo dyeing"☆
 In the Japanese oldest primordial dyeing technique with history 1,000 years or more, it is inherited in comfortable Kurikomamonji district in clear stream.
 Custom that samurai put on "you won, and be" in the body one kind of indigo plant under the armor colonized in the Kamakura era. With indigo plant providing anti-inflammation and detoxication, hemostasis, "we won" and were tied to ga "victory", and it was said that it was lucky.

◆Period/from Sunday, February 23, 2020 to Tuesday, March 3 special event space to 10:00-16:00
◆The holding place/Iwagasaki, Kurihara-shi mall whole area
◆Is car than traffic/Tohoku Expressway, Wakayagi Kanari IC; about 15 minutes.
◆There is parking lot/free of charge parking lot (around venue about 100)

The event date
Muikamachi, Iwagasaki, Kurihara-shi others
URL(1) concerned
Kurikoma bush warbler swamp business and industry society homepage
Inquiry (1)
The Doll's Festival executive committee (the Kurikoma bush warbler swamp business and industry society) of kurikoma merchant's family
TEL: 0228-45-2191
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation