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Yamahira 2020' 20.2.8 Saturday, 2.9 Sunday out of Snow lantern Festa in

The last update date: 2019/12/25

The municipalities
The north area - Osaki City of the prefecture
Festival, event

★Fantastic light "Snow lantern"

★Original candle experience "honey candle"

Application is this.

Soft light ... which floats in ... dark night
 You make original "Snow lantern", and do you not spend winter night by light of warm ... i handicraft?
Other than pork miso soup, oshiruko, food stalls of ball konjac which warm as for the body as for Snow art object, the slide of the very popular snowy mountains in fun.
 Beeswax hand cream is excellent at humidity retention effect. Experience in conjunction with hot spring bathing! (to [inquiry (1)] following as for the ※ participation application others details)

◆Place/Nakayama community center
◆Is car than traffic/Tohoku Expressway, Furukawa IC; about 60 minutes. (to Route 47 Naruko, the Shinjo area)
It is about 15 minutes on foot from JR Rikuu East Line, Nakayamadaira-Onsen Station.
◆Parking lot/yu (about 20)

[the making of classroom, snowy art object for making honey candle]
We make classroom for making honey candle by instruction of beeswax candle writer, Ryuji Ando and snowy art objects using honey candle. There is present in excellent work, too!
◆Date/Saturday, February 8, 2020
◆Time/reception desk 1:00 p.m. ...
 ◇Classroom (reservation required)/13:30-15:00 made with beeswax
 ◇/15:30-16:30 made with snowy art object
 ◇Lantern lighting/16:30-21:00
◆Free of charge younger than rate/adult 1,000 yen, primary schoolchild
◆Classroom application deadline/Friday, January 31 for making honey candle ※Apply by FAX.
★12:00 p.m. - pork miso soup, ball do not come and sell oshiruko (the end up to out of stock)

[the making of beeswax hand cream]
Do you not make beeswax hand cream only for oneself using beeswax and natural olive oil? Favorite flavor is acquired. (manufacture time is around 20 minutes.)
◆Date/Sunday, February 9, 2020
◆Rate/800 yen (with bathing ticket)
◆Lecturer/beeswax candle writer Ryuji Ando

The event date
Osaki City Naruko Hot Spring 19-25, Hoshinuma
URL(1) concerned
Nakayamadaira Onsen Tourism Association homepage
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The Naruko Onsen Kyo Hot Spring Village Tourism Association homepage
Inquiry (1)
The Nakayamadaira Onsen Tourism Association's chairperson Kato conduct
TEL: 090-4042-3744 FAX: 0229-87-2123
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  • Informant: Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Federation